Winter Wonderland (PEAK)

Winter Wonderland (PEAK)

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Description:  An exhilarating fragrance perfect for the holidays! Imagine the tranquility of fresh snow, festive lights, and cozy winter spices, at your fingertips! Let your imagination take over while you indulge in this Winter wonder that includes warm notes of cinnamon, clove, vanilla musk and mulberry. Hints of cassia root, eucalyptus, amber, fir balsam, pine, and cedar are included in this refreshing blend that will brighten your spirits. Enjoy the comforting and irresistible aromas as you are walking through your Winter Wonderland!

Flash Point: 200F
Skin Safe: Yes under minimal conditions
Candle Safe: Yes
Vanillin: 1.14%
Vegan: Yes
Animal Cruelty Free: Yes
Phthalates: None 
CP Soap: Not Tested
MP Soap: Not Tested
Polar: No 
Origin: USA
Color Suggestions:  White, Pale Blue

MSDS Available:
IFRA Deodorant: 0.26%
IFRA Body Cream, Lotion, Oil: 0.65%
IFRA Foot Products: 0.65%
IFRA Powders and Talcs: 0.65%
IFRA Soap: 0.65%
IFRA Shampoo/Conditioners: 0.65%
IFRA Face Cleansers: 0.65%
IFRA Shaving Cream: 0.65%
IFRA Body Wash: 0.65%
IFRA Aerosols: 0.65%
IFRA Laundry Detergent: 0.65%
IFRA All Non Skin Contact: 100%
IFRA Potpourri: 100%


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