Q:  How fast will my order ship? 

A:  Typically, if an order comes in before 9am EST it will ship the same week day.  Weekends, sales, weather or busy holiday seasons may extend the lead time to 1-2 business days. We do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays.

COVID-19 has has caused severe delays, most orders will ship within 1-5 business days


Q: I see you have Peak fragrances, are they original? 

A. Yes, We purchased remaining inventory and all the fragrance formulas in 2017.  Some formulas may be revised due to the Citrol shortages, which is beyond our control.  Revised formulas will be listed on the fragrance info page.


Q:  Why are some fragrances unavailable for a long time or revised?

A:  Due to the worldwide shortage of Citrol due to 2 fires, many fragrances will not be available without this ingredient.  While some have been reformulated, some fragrances have been discontinued all together by the manufacturer and are awaiting reformulation.


 Q: What does "Soap Safe" Mean?

A: Soap Safe mean you can use it to make soaps and bath & body products.  Check each fragrances IFRA info for more info regarding percentages.


 Q: Can you tell me hoe to EXACTLY make a candle?

A: Yes and No.  While we can guide you through making a candle.  You need to test your recipe.  Candle making is like cooking, while you and some one else may have the exact same recipe, it will not always taste or look the same.  Candle & Soap Making are created with recipes, techniques, temperature control, elevation, effort, and of course....secrets!