Reed Diffuser Base

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Our reed diffuser base is formulated to provide maximum scent dispersion. VOC Compliant.

For some excitement, liquid candle dye can be added for color.  Just dip a toothpick or skewer in your liquid candle dye bottle and then add to your reed diffuser blend.

Reed diffusers draw diffuser oil from the bottles up into the reeds, allowing the scent to disperse into the surrounding air. They offer an attractive alternative to scented candles in situations where an open flame is not desired or permitted. There are no flames involved, and they are very easy to make.

The diffuser oil is made by mixing diffuser base with your choice of fragrance oil. Typical formulations call for about 75% diffuser base and 25% fragrance oil, but you may wish to experiment with other ratios. The diffuser base is a very light oil that contains <strong>no alcohol</strong>. The base mixes well with fragrance oils and enhances the capillary action, encouraging the diffuser oil to travel up the reed diffuser sticks where the scent can be effectively dispersed into the environment. A formulation with too much fragrance oil will not effectively migrate up the reeds, and will hinder effective scent dispersion.


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