Pearl Green Mica
Pearl Green Mica

Pearl Green Mica

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Micas are best appreciated in clear bases because they sparkle and shimmer.  They add sheen to opaque bases and cold process soaps.  Micas are generally non-clumping.


INCI: Mica, Titanium dioxide, Hydrated chomium oxide.

 Dye Free, Vegan

A shimmery pastel green.

The shimmer will be more apparent in clear bases.  In opaque bases, the result is a soft pastel green.


Cosmetic grade.
FDA approved for use on skin, eyes, face and nails.  Not for lips.

Available in powder form.

Mixing suggestion: Start with a bit of the colorant and slowly add your chosen medium to the colorant until you get the consistency you want. Once you have the desired consistency, incorporate the colored medium into the base you're working with. This process will minimize speckling and clumping.
Recommended medium for dispersion is glycerin, fragrance oil, water, or an ingredient oil in the soaps you're making.